Research Questions

  • How do local education networks linking municipalities and schools through co-creation of educational governance contribute to Inclusive Education?
  • What are local understandings of inclusive education?
  • What are barriers and enablers to pupil participation and learning?
  • What are the societal factors that are likely to reproduce educational exclusion of children from diverse backgrounds (e.g. disability, gender, caste, ethnicity and geographies)?
  • What are the approaches and practices to inclusive education utilised by actors in local communities? To what an extent do these practices facilitate learning outcomes?
  • How do schools and municipalities collaborate/network to achieve inclusive education? How do head teachers, teachers and parents work together to enhance equitable access to and quality of learning for children from the most marginalized communities?
  • To what extent children from diverse backgrounds feel included in educational processes at schools?
  • What are the enablers and barriers to inclusive education at policy and practice levels?
  • How is the idea of co-creation of governance realized at municipal levels to achieve inclusive education?

Through investigating these questions our aim is to uncover the variables and mechanisms that contribute to inclusive education. We will do this by:

1) documenting the connection between these variables and outcomes, high or low scores, on inclusive education -> through the quantitative survey

2) discussing the mechanisms that likely explain variations in outcomes -> through the qualitative fieldwork