Researching Policy and Practice


photo Bidhan Acharya

Chairperson, Social and Academic Innovations (SAIPL)

Bidhan Acharya is Chairperson and Senior Researcher in Social and Academic Innovations Pte Ltd (SAIPL, Nepal). As an Associate Professor in Tribhuvan University he was involved in various demographic and social development studies. He led research in Kidney Trafficking in Nepal (USAID, the Asia Foundation) and Role of CSO in Human Resource for Health (Solid, Merlin, EU). He is one of the team members of Rural Emergency and Trauma System Strengthening Project (CRC, NRCS), Evaluation of Earthquake Relief (Kansas State Univ. and SAIPL). He has publications including in education, curriculum, gender and demographic issues in Nepal and abroad. He is also a prominent poet and writer in Nepal.