Project Team

Photo Dr. Marit HaugDr. Marit Haug
Senior Researcher, Oslo Metropolitan University
Photo Dr. Tejendra PheraliDr. Tejendra Pherali
Associate Professor in Education and International Development, UCL Institute of Education
Photo Professor Chitra Bahadur BudhathokiProfessor Chitra Bahadur Budhathoki
Dean, Faculty of Education, Tribhuvan University
photo Professor Basu Dev KafleProfessor Basu Dev Kafle
Professor Emeritus of Special Needs Education, Tribhuvan University
photo Dr. Pramod BhattaDr. Pramod Bhatta
Lecturer, Tribhuvan University
photo Bidhan AcharyaBidhan Acharya
Chairperson, Social and Academic Innovations (SAIPL)
photo Janu DhitalJanu Dhital
Managing Director, Social and Academic Innovations (SAIPL)
photo Pitambar AcharyaPitambar Acharya
Lecturer, Tribhuvan University
photo Laxmi KhadkaLaxmi Khadka
Lecturer, Tribhuvan University
photo Ram Chandra GiriRam Chandra Giri
Lecturer, Tribhuvan University
Photo Professor Arild SochuProfessor Arild Sochu
Professor at USN School of Business, Department of Business, Strategy and Political Sciences, University of South-Eastern Norway
Photo Dr. Aadne AaslandDr. Aadne Aasland
Research Professor, Oslo Metropolitan University